Ozzy Osbourne to launch internet show ‘The Madhouse Chronicles’

Ozzy Osbourne performing on Belgrade Calling festival on June 28th 2012^ in Belgrade^ Serbia

Ozzy Osbourne will be launching a brand new show called ‘The Madhouse Chronicles’ later this month, with co-host Billy Morrison, the rhythm guitarist for Billy Idol’s solo band, and ex-bassist of hard rock/heavy metal band The Cult.

The new series was announced on the ‘The Osbournes’ podcast, co-hosted by Ozzy’s wife/manager Sharon and two of his children, Jack and Kelly. Morrison announced “The Madhouse Chronicles” on the podcast by saying (per Blabbermouth): “Our new show, ‘The Madhouse Chronicles’, is dropping this April. Join us as we sit back in the Osbourne Madhouse, reacting to the wildest internet clips, and diving into topics like aliens, drugs, conspiracies, and rock n’ roll. Visit osbournemediahouse.com for early access, limited edition merch, and more… even the re-release of The Osbournes’ iconic TV show in 4K. Don’t miss out, and see you in the madhouse.”

Morrison promised that the “Madhouse Chronicles” website will offer “the re-release of the iconic Osbournes TV show in 4K”, referencing the reality TV show that starred Ozzy, Sharon, Jack and Kelly from 2002 to 2005.

A synopsis per ‘The Osbournes’ podcast reads: “The Osbournes delve into the whirlwind of current events in this episode of their podcast. From the seismic changes at Boeing to the alarming trend of ghost hacking, Ozzy and the fam fearlessly explore the hottest topics making headlines. With discussions on diversity, millennial parenting trends, cybersecurity, and the military’s recruitment challenges, they provide candid insights and thought-provoking commentary. Don’t miss out as they unravel the complexities of today’s world and offer their unique perspectives on the pressing issues of our time.”

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